Precision Component & Insert

C T has been in the precision component & insert machining market for a number of years. Our advanced equipment such as high speed CNC machining centers and EDM machine, optical grinder, slow feeding wire cutting machines. We can help our clients for manufacturing precision Insert & components. Under the most strict and excellent craftsmanship in assembly, the dimension accuracy for fitting key positioning features can be as tight as +/-0.005mm, So you can manufacture you components in our plant and delivered to your shop for assembly on your molds without rework or additional fitting.




Throughout these years, we’ve encountered numerous machining challenges including complex machined industrial and aerospace parts. We provide individual attention to each custom machining project, knowing that every job is unique and requires a different approach.




The insert design advantage:
Fully vented,
Good maintainability
Making polish easier
Good maintenance(be replaced easily if broken)
Excellent heat dissipation